Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance

Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance

The AHKGA is a registered not-for-profit organization made up of researchers, health professionals, and stakeholders who work together to advance physical activity in children and youth around the world.

In 2014, the AHKGA initiated the creation of the “Global Matrix on Physical Activity for Children and Youth” to help raise awareness about the physical inactivity crisis and the need for preventive action at national and international levels.

The Global Matrix initiative involves the production and subsequent comparison of country-specific Physical Activity Report Cards for children and youth. Using a harmonized process and the best available evidence in their jurisdictions, teams of experts assess and assign letter grades to ten common physical activity indicators: Overall Physical Activity, Organized Sport and Physical Activity, Active Play, Active Transportation, Sedentary Behaviours, Physical Fitness, Family and Peers, School, Community and Environment, and Government.

Get kids moving!

To date, there have been three editions of the Global Matrix, all released in different parts of the world: the Global Matrix 1.0 (2014, Canada), the Global Matrix 2.0 (2016, Thailand, in partnership with ISPAH), and the Global Matrix 3.0 (2018, Australia).

The fourth iteration, the Global Matrix 4.0 (, is currently in development and set to be the largest edition to date. The Global Matrix 4.0 launch will be a joint event with the ISPAH 2022 Congress and will involve the release of Report Cards from 60 countries across 6 continents as well as the results of the global comparisons.

You are invited to attend the event and join us in powering the global movement to get kids moving!