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ISPAH is recognized as the leading global society focusing on promoting physical activity across the lifespan. The ISPAH Congress, held every two years, is the world’s largest forum related to physical activity and public health. 

The theme of the 2022 ISPAH Congress is: “Making Every Move Count.”

All abstracts must be submitted using this website by selecting the ‘submit abstract’ button. Submissions after the closing date(s) will not be considered.

Please ensure that you read the guidelines below specific to the type of submission you are making (i.e., Oral and Poster Abstract, Symposia, Workshop).

Symposia and Workshop Deadline Extended

We have extended the deadline for ISPAH Congress 2022 submissions for
Symposia and Workshops to the 20th April 2022.

Submission Timelines

Symposia and Workshops
7 March 2022
7 March 2022
Close (23:59 GMT)
20 April 2022
19 June 2022
Acceptance Notification
29 April 2022
29 July 2022

All Submissions

All submissions (i.e., Oral and Poster Abstract, Symposia, Workshop) should be submitted using the button below. This will link you to the submission ‘portal’.


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Submission Guidelines

Guidelines Overview

2 Submissions Limit:
The number of submissions by a presenting author for an Oral or poster presentation will be limited to a maximum of two (2) submissions. Please note, this is for presenting authors only; there is no limit to the total number of abstracts one can be an author on.

: All presenting authors needs to register for the congress and complete the full payment of the registration fee by 15th August 2022 otherwise the submission will be withdrawn. Presenting authors are responsible for the registration fee (and accommodation and travel costs where applicable). ISPAH will not waive registration fees.

Change of Presenting Author
: If there is a change in the presenting author(s), please notify the organizing committee ([email protected]) no later than 15th April 2022.

Change in presentation format
: If the author is unable to travel to the ISPAH Congress in Abu Dhabi and present their abstract in person, they must notify the secretariat latest by 31st August 2022 by emailing [email protected].

Preparing Your Presentation
: Upon acceptance of a submission, authors will receive a detailed description on how to prepare their presentation (e.g. poster guidelines and format of oral presentations), including the deadlines for receiving the presentations.

Review Process
: The number of oral presentations will be limited and will be assigned on a competitive basis as judged by the Scientific Program Committee. Accepted abstracts that are not assigned oral presentations may be assigned to an alternate format (e.g. poster). Additionally, symposia or workshops not selected may also be considered for oral and poster presentations.

Abstract Notifications
: All communication regarding receipt and notice of your abstract will be via email. For abstract notifications, an automated email will be sent with a unique Abstract ID. Please use this Abstract ID number in any communications. Please review the Key Congress Dates above for details on the timelines for notification.

: If you need to make a request to withdraw an abstract submission, it must be made by email to [email protected] by 10 May 2022.

Presenting/First Authors
: First authors are required to be the presenting author.

: All submissions must be in English.

Early Career Professional Highlighted Presentations
: The congress will highlight noteworthy presentations by early career professionals (researchers, practitioners and policymakers). These presentations will be highlighted in the conference program. If you are an early career professional (i.e. <7 years full-time equivalent post-PhD or work experience) and would like to be considered for a highlighted presentation, please select the appropriate button at the time of abstract submission.

All Oral Presentations
  • Presenting authors will have 7 minutes to present their findings, with an additional 3 minutes to answer questions.
  • Note: The time limit for each presentation and related questions and answers will be strictly observed.

All Poster Presentations
  • Posters will be presented as a printed poster, as well as an online video (see below).
  • Poster presentations will be displayed by theme.
  • To increase the reach of the poster session, presenters will also be asked to provide a 2-minute video file in which they discuss the main study findings using a single slide. Details for this will be provided to presenting authors with an accepted poster presentation.
  • Presenting authors will present for 2 minutes at their poster at the conference venue, to present and discuss their work. Details for this will be provided to presenting authors with an accepted poster presentation

Oral and Poster Presentation Abstract Submission Guidelines

  • Please read the submission guidelines above carefully.
  • Presenting authors are required to submit their abstract on behalf of all co-authors.
  • Presenting authors will be asked to indicate if they prefer an oral or poster presentation upon submission. However, the scientific program committee may suggest alternate formats for all submissions.
  • By submitting, presenting authors are ensuring that all authors have made a significant contribution to the work and have approved the submission.
  • Abstracts must not exceed 400 words, including headings (excluding title and authors) following the structured format below as closely as possible.
  • The title should be no longer than 15 words.


Abstract Structure for Oral and Poster Submissions

For both oral and poster abstract submissions, the body of the abstract should be structured using the following headings:

For Research Abstracts
  • Background
  • Purpose
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Funding
  • Keywords
For Practice/Policy Abstracts
  • Background
  • Program Delivery or Policy Components
  • Evaluation
  • Conclusions
  • Funding
  • Keywords


Poster and Oral Submissions

For all poster and oral submissions, the following additional information is required:

Population group
  • Prenatal / Pregnancy
  • Early childhood
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Older adults
  • Disabilities (people of determination)
  • Patients
  • Not applicable
Income level in the main country of the study (see World Bank for categories)
  • High income
  • Middle income
  • Low income
  • Not applicable
Type of research/project
  • Intervention to create active societies
  • Intervention to create active systems
  • Intervention to create an active environment
  • Intervention to create active people
  • Epidemiological study
  • Method development
  • Policy or practice example
  • Other
Part of a special session
  • AHKGA (Active Healthy Kids Global Alliance)
  • ProPASS
  • WHO (World Health Organization)
  • Not applicable
Preferred type of presentation
  • Oral
  • Poster
  • Either
Early Career submission
  • Yes
  • No


There are two symposia formats to choose from:

1. Regular Symposia
  • Regular symposia will be 75 or 90 minutes long in total
  • Regular symposia will have a Chair who will provide a short introduction/background on a specific topic followed by three (3) presenters (approximately 15 minutes each).
  • Additional presenters may be included according to the needs of the symposium.
  • The Chair or a discussant summarizes the presentations and provides insights on the specific topic area, generating an interactive discussion with the audience for at least 30 minutes, moderated by the Chair.
The following information should be included for each regular symposium submission, with the following information:

Title (15 words)

  • Chair/Discussant name, affiliation(s) 
  • Chair short biography (100 words)
  • Authors and their affiliations
  • Abstract (400 words)
    • Introduction to symposium
    • Purpose
    • Presentation 1 – Title, presenter name and short description
    • Presentation 2 – Title, presenter name and short description
    • Presentation 3 – Title, presenter name and short description
    • Describe the contribution of this symposium towards the congress theme ‘making every move count’
2. Debate Symposia
  • The debate symposia will be 60 or 75 minutes long in total
  • Debate symposia will have a Moderator
  • Moderators will provide an introduction on a specific controversial topic (approximately 5 minutes).
  • This is followed by affirmative and opposing presenters (1 person for each side), who will provide arguments “for” and “against” the debate topic area (max 10 minutes each side).
  • Each side should present their initial stance, which will be followed by a rebuttal from each side (1 person for each side).
  • If there are two presenters for each side, one presenter should provide the initial presentation while the other should present the rebuttal.
  • A third viewpoint based on an alternate worldview may be also presented, such as offering a perspective from a different part of the world.
  • After the debate, the moderator will facilitate a 20-30-minute discussion, including Q&A with the audience.
The submission should be structured as follows:
  • Title (15 words): The title should represent the topic area and its controversial nature
  • Chair Name and Affiliation(s)
  • Chair short biography (100 words)
  • Authors and their affiliations 
  • Abstract (400 words)
    • Purpose: A statement of the purpose of the debate, emphasizing what is innovative about the topic
    • Rationale: Why is this topic worthy of addressing at this conference and why this is a debatable topic
    • Affirmative Presentation: Name of presenter, Title and short description
    • Opposing Presentation: Name of presenter, Title and short description
    • Alternative viewpoint (optional): Name of presenter, Title and short description
    • Describe the contribution of this symposium towards the congress theme ‘making every move count’


The workshop objectives should support participants in the development of skills related to the main congress theme (making every move count). Workshops are 90 minutes in duration.

  • As with all submissions, workshop submissions must be received through the portal
  • Workshop submissions are limited to 400 words (not including authors or titles)
  • Titles are limited to 15 words


The following details are required in each abstract submission for workshops:
  • Title
    • Main organiser name and affiliation
  • Purpose
    • Learning Objectives
  • Description: Include a brief summary of the main topics/ideas that will be discussed and the method of presentation/discussion (e.g., practical application of techniques, small group discussion, co-creation, sharing circles, case studies and demonstration, problem-solving) to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Target Audience: Include a brief summary of the target audience for this workshop.
  • Describe the contribution of this workshop towards the congress theme ‘making every move count’
  • Describe if this workshop would function best in a room with seats in theatre style, classroom style, or group work style

All Submissions

All submissions (i.e., Oral and Poster Abstract, Symposia, Workshop) should be submitted using the button below. This will link you to the submission ‘portal’.


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Please email the ISPAH 2022 organizing committee by selecting the button below